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“RAW’s support for the National Memorial Arboretum has been key in taking our messages to the widest possible audience.  The team have successfully captured our essence and produced great video that does justice to this remarkable place”

Andrew Baud
Director – Tala PR


The importance of video production in the success of a website

October 18th 2010
We go website window shopping and discover the 96 second window of opportunity.

The DSLR Video Revolution

September 30th 2010
7D with Genus d-slr bars and mattebox, z-finder and Zoom H4n

We’ve been looking into the idea of investing in a HD Video DSLR. Heres our thoughts on the evolution and revolution of the DSLR.


Exploring Video Production and Post Production Techniques

August 27th 2010
Lexi during reverse filming test

How we got on with filming some tracking shots backwards...


GoPro Cameras in Video Production

August 12th 2010
GoPro Camera being used on a surf board

Always wanting to keep on top of all innovative production tools and methods, we have a lot of fun using GoPro cameras.


Kojo’s Comedy Fun House

July 26th 2010
Kojo’s Comedy Fun House

On Sunday RAW joined a host of comedians and musicians in Leicester Square for Kojo's Comedy Fun House.  We provided Remedy Productions and MTV BASE with a live 24 channel multi-track recording of the event, which will appear on MTV.