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Ashtar Alkhirsan
Director – BBC

The importance of video production in the success of a website


Due to developments in television such as sky+ and Virgin On Demand etc, fewer people are watching television advertising and many are now relying on the internet to help them select services and products. The number of adults who bought or ordered goods or services online within the last year reached 31 million.

This means that your website and online advertising needs to represent you now more than ever.

The 96 second window of opportunity

This is how long the average internet user is likely to spend on your website before deciding whether to stay or head back to google… look at it as your very own shop window. The more appealing and professional you make it, the more likely your customers are to pop in and have a browse.

They say a picture can tell a thousand words; Your average website video will have 25 frames (pictures) per second… this means that in a 96 second video you would have told 2,400,000 words… that’s the equivalent of reading War and Peace 4 times.

So now you’ve decided to use a short video on your homepage; next step is to decide how to decorate your shop window. Your video can be a corporate video or you could show testimonials or product demonstration, or even something do something really clever like a viral, which can be used, both on your homepage and as an enjoyable video on youtube (which links viewers back to your site). Some of our personal favourite viral videos are Hunter shoots bear and cute girl has a catchy dance.

Now its important to remember production quality; just like you wouldn’t want a dusty display in your shop front, you wouldn’t want low video production on your homepage. In come the production companies, with so many to chose from I would say the best way to decide would be to go and do some window shopping. Your looking for a good production and post production house with a display that reflects what you want.

We’ve taken our own advice with a 60 second (1,500,000 words) showreel on our homepage. Why not take a peek in our shop window?

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