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“I have found RAW to be a dynamic and innovative team always able to think outside the box. They have filmed many of our artists at Chrysalis Music. Their after sales service has always been fantastic and product delivery has always been on time”

Ben Bodie
Head of A&R – Chrysalis Music

Exploring Video Production and Post Production Techniques

Lexi during reverse filming test

We have been working on some more video production techniques and this week was the turn of exploring the possibilities of tracking a subject walking and then reversing it.  Obviously this brings up all manner of video production issues, but the end results are looking pretty cool.  As we’re based in central London we have been roaming the busy streets, landmarks and parks to get the shots.

Firstly we had to decide what would look good reversed so have been researching some beautifully made videos.  Our favourite is, of course, Spike Jones’ music video for Pharcyde’s song Drop, and a great viral video using the technique (amongst others) is the Ray Ban sunglasses catching video.

Our second issue was that of making our tracking shots as stable as possible in post production.  We used a stedi-cam arm for most of the shots, but even with this we needed the help of the amazing Final Cut plug-in Lock and Load by CoreMelt.  This software totally smooths out even hand held shots to make them stedi-cam smooth – we couldn’t believe how good the results were.  This plug in could come in very handy on our Pedal To Paris 2010 trip in a couple of weeks

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