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The DSLR Video Revolution

7D with Genus d-slr bars and mattebox, z-finder and Zoom H4n

We’ve recently been looking into the idea of investing in a HD Video DSLR. Whilst looking around for the best model, we’ve found ourselves captivated by how these products have evolved to where they stand today. What we’ve been left wondering is; how long until DSLRs become the leading technology in Video production?

When the DSLR first went video, it faced a number of usability flaws, which in recent developments have mostly been overcome. The major problem these SLRs faced was the models shape, lacking the comfort and handling of the common video camera. This problem has been overcome by the invention of many rigs and attachments you can fix onto your SLR; another amazing development in this field is the Panasonic AG-AF 101, the first DSLR camera designed as a video camera.

Many production companies are discussing their move over to DSLRs in both the use of corporate productions and television. For example, C4’s Inside Incredible Athletes was partly shot on DSLR. Even USA’s hit drama House has filmed their season 6 finale entirely on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

A couple of drawbacks we found is that DSLRs aren’t quite perfect for a number of filming styles such as sport and documentary due to the delicate focus and memory capabilities. We have also heard that the SLRs aren’t perfect for still photography meaning that these great new toys are more for the cinematographers than they are the photographers.

There are many models to choose from now, ranging from your basic Home use (advertised as Childs play) Nikon D5000 or the Canon counterpart 500D all the way to the more professional end Canon and Panasonic models.

With quality like this, its no wonder so many London Production companies are moving over.

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