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“RAW provide something extra, they’re available way after they’ve done what’s required of them, they made sure everything is OK with the project as a whole and ensure that you deliver”

Christian Anstice
Creative Director – Publicis

GoPro Cameras in Video Production

GoPro Camera being used on a surf board

We are currently working towards a jaunt to Paris (Pedal to Paris, to be precise) with The Royal British Legion as we will be filming 300 cyclists as they raise money for our serving and ex-serving Armed Forces by pedaling their way from London to Paris.  As an video production agency that deals with filming extreme sport we are always looking for new and innovative production tools and GoPro Cameras are our latest toy.  Whilst filming in South Africa with Jump4Heroes we made use of these cameras to capture intense close up action that could not otherwise be captured with an orthodox filming process. Watch an edit of the trip using exclusively GoPro footage here.  The HD capabilities of GoPro cameras really set them apart from some other small camera technologies such as Flip video camcorders – a tool we used to give to competitors during RacingThePlanets Ultra-Marathon in the Gobi Desert, but which didn’t quite cut the mustard as well as the GoPro cameras!

We are really looking forward to using these cameras during our coverage of Pedal to Paris – with the potential of giving them to competitors to attach to their handlebars to capture those extreme moments and close-ups that we otherwise may miss, and sticking them to roofs of cars, on helmets, feet and pretty much anywhere else!

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