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SME Video – How much does it cost to produce a London corporate video?

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Video can be used for all sorts of different business tools using DVD, web video or social networking. Finding and hiring a video production company can be a daunting experience with so many different companies with varying prices all over London (and elsewhere). This article will try and break down the mystique for buyers who have never used video as part of their business before. Whatever sector you are in, charity, marketing, PR, advertising, medical, or catering, corporate video production can help you.

Video is now more affordable than ever before and used with the internet can enable you to reach out to the entire world, which makes for a very cost effective marketing tool. Video says more about you and your company in seconds than print and images can ever achieve, and it also gives your customers a better understanding of who you are, what you do, and most importantly…how you do it.

The possibilities are endless…training, sales, interviews, conferences, product updates, customer news, employee messages – all of these different areas of your business can be improved using video tools.

The costs associated with making your video can differ and we will try and break it down for you. As a starting point, a small video for your website can start at an average cost of between £700-£1,500 per video, depending on the complexity of your filming and post-production/editing.

All video production companies should advise you on the best possible route for your production and are happy to discuss your requirements.


Filming usually costs £350 per day for a HD camera operator with camera, microphones, tripod, and media, often with a basic lighting kit as well. If the location is far travel may be added to this. Sometimes there may be some extras needed but generally this kit can cover most situations for a simple production.

If your filming is outdoors on location than the camera operator may need an assistant to help set-up, carry equipment and assist with the production, this can cost around £100-200 per day.

For some videos it maybe necessary to hire a studio for filming which will cost from £200 upwards to hire.


Once filming is over then your video will need to go through a series of processes to make it ready for distribution – whether for broadcast, DVD or the web.

Post-production covers all of the areas necessary to bring your piece to life after it has been filmed – footage capture, edit, titles, graphics, music and output, and costs about £350 per day.

Capturing – transferring and digitising your video footage from the camera to the edit suite so that it can be worked on.

Editing – putting together your video and sound. The edit can be instructed by the client or the editor can come up with ideas for you.

Titles and graphics – these can be simple such as adding your company logo to the video or putting names and titles under presenters and speakers. Or you can also go for more complex animations but these will raise your costs as animation takes a long time to produce.

Music – unfortunately you cannot always use your favourite Lady Gaga song for your video as this would be copyright infringement, so we use specialist production music which is a very cost effective solution that costs between £50-£100 per tune/song, or we can have a bespoke piece of music made for you. Music really brings your video to life!

Delivery – this is where you choose the right type of output(s), so if you want your video on a DVD, website, mobile device or broadcast it will be optimised to suit.

We hope this article was helpful and has given you the confidence to try using video services and video production in your business.

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