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“The RAW team are a highly professional outfit and had an immediate understanding of what our project required, from both a technical and a creative standpoint. Their ability to direct famous interviewees was particularly impressive”

Phil Lythell
Head of Production – PA Sport

Our Top 10 Virals


Here at RAWvideo, we love virals! YouTube is full of hilarious “home-videos” – some real and some created by video production companies to promote their clients.

Viral video is officially defined as a video that becomes popular through the process of Internet sharing, typically through internet media sharing websites.” Hard to believe they date back as far as 1995! Remember videos like the “Dancing Baby” and “Peanut butter Jelly time”?

In more recent years, corporate video production companies have been bringing out viral videos to advertise and promote, creating a whole new category for video production services. Using the “real” and “raw” style of their viral inspirations; companies such as Levis, Nike, EA and Subaru have all caught the viral bug and brought their own productions to sites such as Youtube.

Our top 10 corporate advertising viral videos


This one doesn’t really fit in with the “raw” and “real” feel that I had described earlier but we felt it was just too funny to leave out of our top 10! We love him, The Old Spice Guy


Who would have thought watching Guys backflipping into Jeans could be so fascinating?

Levis obviously did.


This fantastic viral even caught the attention of TV show, Mythbusters, to find out how “Real” it truly is.

Here is Quicksilver, promoting themselves with “Original Thinking”


The internet is full of game reviewers and in this fantastic EA viral,

Tiger Woods gets his own back!


Wayne Rooney has starred in two fantastic virals for Nike and it was just too difficult to chose which one we preferred…

So hey, why not… here is Wayne Rooney with Nike
…and here he is again!


This viral not only promotes a product, it also promotes self-esteem to women.

A fantastic time-lapse produced by Dove.


A Fantastic viral of men catching sunglasses on their faces. It never really mentions who or what it is advertising…

but somehow you just know its Rayban.


This one is a classic. Inspired by the many “Mentos and cola” videos all over the web,

Carlsberg conducted their own Mentos experiment.


Levis have managed to secure two spots in our top 10. We love this video. A wonderfully executed idea that must have taken FOREVER to put together;

Here is Levis – Man walks across America.


This video is the perfect example of “home video style” advertising. Using a fantastic balance of special effects and camera phone technology…

We feel that Sprite deserve our top spot!

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