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RAW have wide-ranging experience in working with clients in the medical and healthcare industries; sectors that bring their own unique set of challenges such as working in demanding environments with the utmost sensitivity.

In recent years we have partnered with global healthcare companies, local NHS departments and healthcare professionals to provide effective training and communications solutions. RAW have experience in all types of live situation, from the home-visit to the operating theatre.  Our staff are sympathetic, adaptable, appropriately equipped and can communicate ideas to any level of client representative.

A growing trend in this sector is live streaming conferences and medical procedures. We have experience in providing comprehensive production packages to suit all budgets and audience sizes.

Merck Serono - Interactive Training DVD

Interactive training DVD-ROM produced for Merck Serono

RAW’s products and services include:

  • Live Conference and Theatre Streaming
  • Online, Multimedia and DVD Training Resources
  • Case Study Videos
  • Motion Graphics and Animation
  • YouTube Channel Setup and Management
  • Social Media Strategy

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Client: Merck Serono

Brief: Create a series of training videos on DVD as a learning resource for surgeons on the subject of fitting naso-gastric enteral feeding tubes during endoscopic procedures. All products used in the procedures are the clients’ own brand. The DVD is to be based around a selection of invasive procedures to be captured in the live operating theatre environment with internal cameras/invasive filming.

The DVD must be an all-in-one solution, and use a range of current multi-media to underpin the video procedures and training as well as containing a catalogue of the client product range.

Solution: Initial planning stages involved interviewing surgeons and other medical healthcare professionals to help define and construct the required user experience for this training tool. The DVD had to be structured so all elements could be accessed simply and quickly with just one click.

Filming the procedures required specialist micro-camera, and sound technology. The production used a mixture of medical documentary, live procedure and interview, with text/data graphics to show patient guidelines and legislation.

The DVD was made future-proof by embedding it with online capabilities for users to connect directly to the web and download updated product ranges, guidelines and regulations.

Outcome: The DVD markets and re-enforces the client product range in this field by providing ‘free’ training to medical healthcare professionals.

Surgeons and medical teams are easily familiarized with the procedures and need to spend less time in the operating theatre, resulting in financial savings, and greater understanding of the procedures.

Patients enjoy a higher quality of care and spend less time undergoing treatment.