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“RAW provide something extra, they’re available way after they’ve done what’s required of them, they made sure everything is OK with the project as a whole and ensure that you deliver”

Christian Anstice
Creative Director – Publicis

Working with RAW

Working with us is just like having your own AV department down the corridor.

Ask any of our long-standing clients and they’ll tell you that we’re professional, highly efficient, always available on the phone and transparent in our pricing and invoicing. We’re very friendly to deal with and we put great emphasis of ensuring our staff and crew are knowledgeable, courteous and prepared for any situation.

As a new customer, you’ll be assigned a designated point-of-contact to deal with directly. For large and small projects we employ online project management systems to ensure that everyone’s calendars are in sync, project goals are achieved and deadlines are met.

Project Lifeline

Each project is unique, but often the video production process is similar and follows a path similar to that below:

  1. Client brief – you present us with your project
  2. Consultation – we discuss your brief and possible solutions
  3. Storyboard / Concept – we present a written / illustrated overview of your video and product branding/message
  4. Quotation – we provide you with a detailed proposal and written itemised quotation
  5. Pre-production planning – we arrange locations, crew and equipment for your shoot
  6. Production – we shoot your video and record any other supporting materials
  7. Post–Production – this stage involves editing the footage, adding titles, special effects and voice-over (if required)
  8. Client feedback – RAW always encourage our clients to become actively involved in production and look to consult them on a regular basis to ensure 100% satisfaction. Before the final product is released, we show you the production and ask for your feedback. Changes are made where necessary.
  9. Distribution – As per our consultation, we will prepare and distribute your video product using the most efficient delivery platforms.
  10. Archiving – RAW are happy to store your project on our secure servers and make it available via DVD copies or via VPN access.

Distribution Platforms

During the planning of your project, we can help you decide on the most efficient and cost-effective delivery platform(s) for your final product. We’ve set up many social media strategies for our customers and we believe in ‘synchronising’ various combinations of distribution for maximum effect.

Typical delivery methods include:

  • Web streaming
  • DVD Video
  • YouTube or Vimeo channel
  • Satellite Play-out
  • Facebook Page
  • Branded USB Sticks
  • Mobile Internet Site

Letting your audience know about it:

  • Facebook Profile
  • Twitter Feed
  • WordPress/Joomla Blog
  • MySpace/Bebo Profile
  • RSS Feeds