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“We regularly supply Channel 4 with products produced by RAW and trust the company implicitly. I enjoy working with RAW on joint EMI productions, above all the results are great quality and represent fantastic value”

Jai Stokes
Director of AV – EMI

Marketing & PR

The methods of marketing products and services have changed dramatically during the past 10 years. With the exponential increase of Internet usage, the advent of virals, social media and YouTube, the options and possibilities are endless.

Drawing on our creativity and technical abilities, we can work with you to create a treatment, shooting schedule and delivery strategy that are both innovative and engaging, for your product or service.

RAW are well experienced in working hand-in-hand with PR teams to ensure that your message is perfectly aligned with company vision and brand guidelines. Previous clients include VISA, Publicis, Renault, Ogilvy & Mather, Ford, Feel Good Drinks.

Visa Contactless Commercial

Internet viral showcasing VISA's Contactless payment technology

RAW’s products and services include:

  • Campaign Launch Videos
  • Viral Advertising
  • Studio-shot Commercials
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Customer Interviews
  • Case Studies

We’d love to hear from you and discuss how we can help you add reach and value to your next campaign. Click here to read more about working with us.


Client: VISA / Mission Media

Brief: Produce a fresh, exciting viral to showcase VISA’s exciting new contactless technology for debit and credit cards. The viral should highlight the ease, speed and security benefits of the system, whilst showing how much fun can be had with Visa Contactless.

Solution: Our treatment involved producing an infomercial showcasing 10 top tips to “living life and surviving in style without cash in the city” starring cult contactless pioneer James ‘Cashless’ Allen.

The viral has a positive lifestyle appeal to it with global branding to target young fast moving city dwellers all over the planet. RAW wrote the treatment to encapsulate the brand in and around iconic landmarks in Central London. After securing permissions our crew whizzed through the locations in some of London’s busiest hotspots capturing the man-about-town going about his daily business.

After adding the client branding and motion graphics, RAW were on hand to advise on key web hotspots to seed the video and enable the best exposure to the clients’ target demographic.

Outcome: Our clients Mission and VISA were very satisfied with the final results. The video helped inform potential users about the benefits of the technology whilst instilling a subtle awareness of brand and image.